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Secure Data Backup

Backup, Sync, and Share Continuously and Automatically

Don't get caught realizing the value of your personal data after it's been lost. Secure your precious photos and videos, valuable documents, tax returns, and music in our private cloud-based repository. There your data is double encrypted on redundant hardware with unlimited versioning so you can always recover an older copy.

What is the Secure Data Backup advantage?

Secure Storage in the Cloud
If a real disaster strikes your home, it will affect all the devices in your home, including backup drives, discs, and tapes. Backing up your data to an offsite location is the only way to insure you can recover your digital property in the event of catastrophic loss. Additionally, Secure Data Backup allows you to automatically sync important data between your many computing devices, and gives you unlimited secure data sharing rooms for granting access to pieces of your data to family, friends, and colleagues.

A Complete and Flexible Solution
Secure Data Backup allows you to backup an unlimited number of devices and any data that resides in your view: hard drives, USB drives, network attached storage (NAS), server drives, storage arrays, CD/DVD-media, anything your devices use as storage can be protected. Our client software runs on PCs, Macs, and Linux machines, and new OS solutions are coming soon for a variety of mobile devices.

Only You Can Access Your Data
The operation of a 100% zero-knowledge environment means your data is encrypted locally, transferred encrypted via a secure SSL connection, stored encrypted, and only decrypted once placed back on your machine through the secure data backup client. We have no way to view or share your data, ever.